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Peri, bio major, grammatically flexible, terrible sense of humor but somewhat self-aware

Art blog mostly for experiments/adventures with my tablet. I draw a lot of angels in general and Castiel in particular. 

Personal/inspiration blog: periaptly

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Just a few days left to preorder a copy of Artbook-S! Proceeds benefit Action Against Hungerand let me tell you the other artists on this thing are MIND-BLOWING. It’s worth checking out if you can

Preorder here by Oct 19 :)


Sketch of my friend Karen, during stats. Was imitating anobviousaside ‘s beautiful sketch lines, because her pencil sketches are the awesomest things I’ve seen.

boundless and endless love for claire novak

bUT CLAIRE NOVAK HAVE YOU HEARD THE NEWS if you feel inspired to draw something in celebration that would be cool bECAUSE CLAIRE IS COOL AND SHE'S COMING BACK SHE'S COMING BACK

unfortunately, I have a midterm tomorrow, but we’ll see if I can’t spit out a celebratory scribble afterwards :B

Artbook S: Preorders OPEN →



Announcing S: a Supernatural Artbook—-an artbook in tribute to the CW show, featuring never-before-seen artworks from over 30 incredibly talented artists.



As suggested by the title, the themes of the book will be words starting with the letter “S”….

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Do you have twitter account? :)

Not a functional one. I’m am very bad at social media. facebook, instagram, twitter, phones in general…. you name it, I’m forgetting to check it 

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my favorite bby bird

Commission of sam + sunflowers for buticancarryyou :)

hey what is your work printed on, like for purchase? :)

printer papperrr 


I’m don’t know the technical details off the top of my head, but it’s a medium-heavyish glossy paper. Pretty standard for prints

thelittlestarlord replied to your post: thelittlestarlord replied to your post…

omg what no i didn’t!! thats such a great song though, i recommend all the EPs, i’m so so glad they’re getting the recognition they deserve! i swear i had no idea, they just reminded me of the covers

crazycrazycrazy have you considered that you may be mildly psychic

Do you sell prints of your art anywhere?? I love your work so much I would love to have some on my wall!! (Especially that one hael piece from a while back. Like whoah).

Thank you <333 I actually just opened my storenvy up and was planning to make a post tomorrow! It’ll be open for a week and prints are cheaper + more personalized over there than on my usual soc6 :) 

thelittlestarlord replied to your post: I’m saving the final previews for once…

They remind me of Hozier’s album covers!

*squints* did u see me post hozier today 

because if not thats crazy i hadn’t actually heard of them yet most of while i was making these, but i’ve been obsessively listening to take me to church this past week???

so while i dont think they were particularly influenced by the album covers that’s still totally wild that you would bring them up!!

I’m saving the final previews for once the Kickstarter comes out, but here are the preview previews of my artbook-s pieces - u can draw ur own conclusions

they’re probably the most detailed digital pieces I’ve done to date, even after all the stuff I had to cut out to make the deadline :O

Info: Artbook-s is a spn charity artbook featuring 30+ fantastic artists (seriously!! check out the list if you havent already its stellar) whose profits benefit Action Against Hunger. Keep an eye out for the Kickstarter in September!

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