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My personal/inspiration blog: periaptly

Art blog mostly for experiments/adventures with my tablet. I draw a lot of angels in general and Castiel in particular.

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im at the pretty intense art program/residency/pretentious camp thing for the next month + so there will likely be little fanart/digital stuff on my end until august, but if you’re interested in seeing what i’m up to art-wise/watching me struggle traditionally you can check me out at above-linked-blog.

it’s a journal-y log of wips and notes for my own organization and a right mess so you might not want to follow unless you’re into that sort of thing, but you’re all welcome to stop by and talk to me!! srsly constructive feedback is always appreciated i’m very much flailing in all directions


Tattoo by Alfredo Alvear (Long Beach, CA)
Original art by Peri

i am so thrilled that this is a real thing wow!!!! original design

Periiiii ah deciding what phone case to order from your shop is so hard because all your art is so beautiful the debate is intense it's like do I go for the cas and cats one which is great or one of the other great ones because that's always my screensaver but I can't go for Destiel because my family is super conservative and that would raise some awkward conversations and then maybe it's better to wait until you finish your palate memes in case one of those is so etching I like better ahhhh!

<333333 thank you so much! I can’t help you decide but I’d be honored to have you carrying around any of my art uwu

I am done with palette memes for now though if that makes anything easier 

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here’s whats new today:

1. if you are an asshole to other artists i will personally shit in your cereal 

Hey what canvas size do you use and what software :)

I generally start on a 5000 x 7000 px canvas and crop up or down from there. I use photoshop cs5 :) 

i was wondering if i could share some tablet info for you + anyone else interested. i have a tablet pc (which is quite a few years old, they're basically normal computers with swerve/fold screens you can draw on with tablet pens. i got it cause it could do art and heavy processing) also cintique tablets show a mini screen on the drawing pad. i found these things worked better for me than drawing on a tablet while looking up on a screen...

thank you! for anyone interested :)

can you do a how to for your art?

check out my art talk tag for posts abt process stuff

giveaway commission for libby!

no more palette prompts please!
done w those for now, tho I may go back to the ones I’ve already got for future warmups. thanks kids :)

Marceline in #7 from this palette meme

claire!castiel in #16 from this palette meme

Sailor moon in #10 from this palette meme

I did the wrong #10 :/ 

dean in #20 from this palette meme

A cell with organelles! Set two, number 1 :D (thought I'd give you a break from people)

bby are you stalking me

that is actually a thing i am drawing for a professor (that i should finish…at some point) and that is weirdly close to the color scheme i’m using 

*squints hard*

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